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How to make Analysis widget public in Portal

Question asked by dogdaynoon on May 4, 2016
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I am currently running ArcGIS Server 10.4 and Portal 10.4. The ArcGIS Sever is federated and listed as a hosted server.

I have created a web app via the Portal Web App builder and I have made it available to the public(internal).

The layer that I have added to this map is a layer of county tax lots. I would  like anyone that is viewing the map to be able to draw an area and extract the data from that area.

Also I would like users to be able to print a map if they would like.


I was able to make the print feature available to the public by going to Server Manager and sharing the print tool to the public and then adding the rest services link to Portal's Utility Services list.

I tried to do that with the Spatial Analysis tools as well, sharing at ArcGIS Manager was successful,  but two things are happening:

1.) There is not an option in Portal's Utility Services to add the Rest URL.

2.) The viewers are still being prompted to log in to Portal when selecting the Analysis widget from the web app.


Is it possible to share the Analysis tools to the public in this web app?


Thank you,


James Hickey