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MMPK Limitations / Layer Questions

Question asked by fhhowdy on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by manoharm_UN

What are the limitations for utilizing MMPK's?  Specifically, here are several questions I have:

  • Q1: How many MMPK's can you reference in a document?
  • Q2: Can you legally point to a specific layer in an MMPK and add it to a map?
  • Q3: Is it legal to have a MMPK with no basemap?
  • Q4: If you have no basemap, then how to you set the default color of a map created by the mmpk?


Regarding Q1 & Q2, If I have two MMPK's, and I'd like layer "A" off of a.mmpk and layer "B" off of b.mmpk, is this possible?

If I add the layers via the mmpk, the layers appear: = mobileMapPackage.maps[0]


However, if you try and utilize the individual layers from the mmpk to a default AGSMap, but the layers don't appear. Here's the complete function for clarification:


if let filepath = NSBundle.mainBundle().pathForResource("mobile", ofType:"mmpk") {
            print("found map")
            let mobileMapPackage = AGSMobileMapPackage(path: filepath)
            mobileMapPackage.loadWithCompletion { (error) -> Void in
                if let error = error {
                else {
                    // In this case the first map in the array is obtained
                    print ("setting map")
                    print("The mobile map package contains \(mobileMapPackage.maps.count) maps")
                    if (mobileMapPackage.maps.count > 0) {
                        var map = mobileMapPackage.maps[0]
                        print ("There are \(map.operationalLayers.count) layers.")
                        self.mapView.backgroundColor = UIColor.whiteColor() // will be hidden by basemap
               = AGSMap(basemap:AGSBasemap.lightGrayCanvasBasemap()) // required?
                        for obj in map.operationalLayers{
                            if let layer = obj as? AGSLayer {
                                print("Adding layer \(") // the log shows them loading...


Q3 & Q4 are related, I believe.  I'm trying to minimize the data footprint distributed to my mobile devices, which all have to work completely offline.  I'm really not wanting to include a basemap (to reduce size), and all I care about is showing the data from a few layers.  Although there are no constraints on the mmpk export, the data is clipping weirdly on the device, and it's showing up on a solid black background:


Simulator Screen Shot May 3, 2016, 9.40.38 AM.png


Attempts to change the background color do not work -- the mmpk is actually inserting the black background on top of a mapview that has a solid green background color set.


This leads me to believe that a basemap is required to set extents properly.


Thoughts?  Suggestions?