HTTPS or not HTTPS, that is the question

Discussion created by azolnai on May 3, 2016

When I built a story map, all http links were in fact https (it doesn't help that modern browsers hide that part). Now when I built my latest story map, it uses a web map that references a US guv map service that is prefixed w http not https. When I was building my story map prefixed w https, that map service either disappeared from the web map, or remained inaccessible on my story map ( My Story is an excellent tool to troubleshoot with). But Esri(UK) tech support noted that it's mixing http & https that causes problems. Simply make sure you remove all s and use only http fixes it.


One note is that under ArcGIS Online (Edit settings => Security tab), make sure the box is NOT ticked. That allows you to use http as per above.