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Photo issues in Collector

Question asked by zkovacs on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2017 by zkovacs

I noticed with the latest release of Collector (10.3.7 Build 1018) that I cannot attach photos taken with my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S4, Android 5.0.1). If I select an image from my gallery, it works OK. If I try to take a photo with the camera it lets me, but as soon as I hit the 'Save' button for the attachment, it goes back to the main screen with an empty map list and pops up an error:

"Unable to load the map. Please try again"


I cannot do anything until I close the app and re-start it. Obviously the new feature with the photo is lost.


I have an attachment enabled feature service in AGOL, also enabled for editing (as I said I can add images from the gallery and then sync without problems). I have created a number of other services (published from ArcMap 10.3.1) to see if that's the issue but the error still occurs. Phone has been rebooted, checked for free space on phone (1.3 GB should be enough). Tried to change the camera resolution - no effect at all.

Same feature services work OK in the ArcGIS (aka green) app, I can take photos with my camera, save and sync without problems. Hence I don't think it's caused by the feature service or the phone...


Has anyone experienced this issue or am I doing something wrong (doubt it since the same service work ok in the green app)? Is there a way to resolve this? Thanks in advance.