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Question asked by jayasudha123 on May 1, 2016
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We have bulk DML process that uses ArcSDE 11.1.

I observed dba_lock view in oracle 11gR2 regularly for the following.


select * from dba_lock where session_id=226;


sid      lock_type                                   mode_held                                                                last_convert

226AEShareNone10004355Not Blocking
226PL/SQL User LockExclusiveNone107374226804354Not Blocking
226TORow-X (SX)None6806414218Not Blocking


Various locks are applied and released regularly and after some time, the locks do not change except the LAST_CONVERT value keep on increasing. Then the process hangs.


The log switch activity is at every 15 min.


Please inform your suggestion