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How do i create mini catchments/basins that don't need to rely on snap pour point?

Question asked by sqwilder on Apr 29, 2016

I want to see the area that would drain into a sewer lift station. These are small stations scattered throughout the city. I'm able to use my DEM and create a flow direction and accumulation. But i want to use my point feature of all the lift stations like a "sink hole". I was hoping i could extract cells from the DEM that overlapped my lift station feature and change the DEM valve from No Data to 0 elevation.

I'm having difficulty because everything i've researched says to treat these lift stations as pour points, but that i have to snap my pour points to streams...? I don't want to do this because it moves the lift station points way too far, defeating the purpose.


Is  there a way to create funnels or false watersheds?