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Selecting matching attribute across multiple layers?

Question asked by t.faull on Apr 29, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

Hi all,

I have three feature classes (2 polygon layers, 1 point layer). Each one has an extensive list of attributes and around 20 fields each. One of the fields is called 'prty_id' and can be found in each of these feature classes.

The 3 features are 'Homes', 'Garages' and 'Parking_Spaces'


Some of the features are related to each other. ie: a Home might have an associated garage and/or a parking space. The 'prty_id' field for a home that has a garage AND a parking space might look like this:

Home: EXAMPLE0001

Garage: EXAMPLE0001GR

Parking_space: EXAMPLE0001PS


I want to be able to select all the records across all three features where there is a common 'prty_id' value in each. Or at least common up until the ending suffix...


As there are 1000s of different homes, I don't want to be including specific names in any selection queries I make.