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How to display suggested results from two data sources using Search widget?

Question asked by bforbhavin on Apr 28, 2016

It looks like there is no way I can display suggest results from multiple databases (geodatabase and relational database). Before I modify suggestResults in suggest-results event, the suggestion menu appears on the screen. I am expecting that the suggestions menu appear after I send results from suggest-results event. That way, we can show aggregated results. Has it been designed to support this way? Any suggestions to implement this scenario? What would be the use of suggest-results event if it doesn't allow to modify suggestResults?


e.g. I am working on enterprise application. When user types in address then I want to show address suggestions from geocoding service. This works fine. Now, when suggestions are displayed then I want to show equipment data stored in enterprise database (such as oracle) in suggestions menu. I thought to fire another query to enterprise database in suggest-results event and aggregate the results. That way suggestions can be displayed from both the database. But it doesn't seem to be working that way.