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LocalLayer Widget and Sub-Layers Question

Question asked by THayes on Apr 28, 2016
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I am using Web AppBuilder 2.0 with the LocalLayer Widget 1.3.1.


I have two sub-layers (both dynamic). I configure pop-up and choose custom.


For the first sub-layer (Valves) I enter this:

<b>Diameter:</b> {DIAMETER}

<b>Type:</b> {VALVE_TYPE}

<b>Location:</b> {LOCATION}

<b>Purpose:</b> {PURPOSE}

<b>How is Valve Operated?</b> {OPERATOR_TYPE}

<b>Number of Turns:</b> {TURNS}

<b>What is the Normal Valve Position, Open or Closed?</b> {VALVE_POSITION}


For the second sub-layer (Pipes) I enter this:

<b>Map Label:</b> {ANNOTATION}

<b>Diameter:</b> {DIAMETER}

<b>Process Stream:</b> {PROCESS STREAM}

<b>Location:</b> {LOCATION}

<b>Purpose:</b> {PURPOSE}


I clear my cache (using Firefox). I save. I launch. I click on valves and pipes. You will see that the pop-up for valves is populated with the attributes. You will see that the pop-up for pipes is empty of attributes.


I double checked the attribute table and key values for both. They match exactly.


Any ideas on why the pop-up is normal for the first sub-layer and not the second?


See attached for screenshots of what I am seeing.