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How to mask the labels on contour lines?

Question asked by RC123 on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by Sonoma_Land_Trust

I am using ArcMap (ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced)

I have a map in ArcMap which has elevation contour lines.  I tried to follow the directions at this link: ArcGIS Desktop  and it seemed to "mask" the entire contour line for every contour line.




Also, the drop-down menu for Mask Kind is greyed out so I can't choose Convex Hull.

How can I make this work as shown in the pictures?


I got this to work following the instructions at this webpage:  Variable depth masking: Contour label example | ArcGIS Blog


A couple of tips, when you convert labels to Annotation, don't Store Annotation "in the map", check the radio button to store the annotation "In a database".  The last step is to use the Advanced Drawing Options (in the instructions).