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Surveys without geopoint

Question asked by bowlesgsrcx on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by bowlesgsrcx

We are getting data from a survey and are finding that if the phone service is non-existent or location services are not turned on for a device, we do not get a geopoint with the survey. Normally not a problem but we are using geoevent to send notification emails for each survey that is completed (typically around 30 per day) that are needed in as real-time as we can. When there is no geopoint data with the survey results, geoevent does not trigger and send the email. Is there any way around this where we can default in a lat/long? For this app, we are collecting all of our data at a known location (well pad). Is there anyway to force a point even at 0,0 if location services are not turned on or service is sparse?