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Collector for iPad/iOS issue, but not with Android

Question asked by Matth on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by Matth

I've created a very simple pavement condition data collection service for ArcGIS Online, and using Collector to collect the data. I only have a few fields I need to change/edit, but only one field is giving me fits on iOS on our iPad 4. I don't have any issues using same service on Android.

The problem field is a numeric valued and is a simple 0-10 with NULL values available. The legend has the 1-10 value added text for easier collection. Basically, "10 Excellent", "1 Fail", etc. Only the number is being stored, right? In iOS, I can select a value from the domain list, but it never updates in the menu. I'm attaching a few screen captures to help illustrate the bug.

Any ideas what's going on? Do I need to remove the added text from the pop up list?