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ArcGIS Online: Tile Layer not displaying

Question asked by tyschwartz on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by alex.ugsc

I have a stylized basemap I use on ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro Desktop and am trying to upload this to our ArcGIS online organization so I can use the same basemap for our online content (consistent look for our company).  This basemap is based off of the Business Analyst original basemap that I have modified.  It has various layer groups that turn on and off based on the current map scale (visibility ranges for 1M-2M, 1M-300k, 300k-150k, 150-100k, 100k-0).


Now from what I understand, the best way to import this basemap layer I have created, is to create a tile package that I can then import into ArcGIS online, so this is what I did. I created my tile package in ArcGIS Pro, using the "Create Map Tile Package" tool (tiling format jpeg, 5 levels of detail, checked package for AGO, Bing, etc).  Creating the tile package went smooth and the resulting package is about 255mb in size, which seems right. I was then able to upload that to AGO using the "Share Package" geoprocessing tool in ArcGIS Pro.


I log into AGO and I publish the tile package.  I add the resulting new 'Tile Layer' to my map, but I cannot see anything.  The map is blank (except for the underlying topo basemap).


I also created a Vector Tile Package and tried that as well, with the same results.


Any thoughts?  Any other ways I can bring my custom Business Analyst basemap into AGO? Could it be related to my visibility ranges/group layers?



PS: if needed I can change the share settings for this tile layer/package if it would be helpful.