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ArcMap 10.1 'set data source' not updating

Question asked by z001392 on Apr 22, 2016

In ArcMap 10.1 I have a SDE layer and want to change the source to a different SDE instance on the same server with the same username, however the source does not update. Is this a known limitation or bug?


The details of what I am trying to achieve are:


I have three instances of ArcSDE running on one Solaris server to support development, system test and user test databases. I have a group layer in ArcMap with 5 feature layers connected to my development instance and layer symbols, attributes and alises etc. configured. What I need to do is update the connections to my system test instance and save as a layer file. When I use 'set data source', pick my system test connection (same username, different SDE instance) the source is not updated. Surely this is not correct.


I have had someone try this in ArcMap 10.3 and the connections update correctly.


Also by going through the same process in ArcMap 10.1 using a different username between connections or to a SDE instance on a different server the connections update correctly.


Has anyone seen this issue before?