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Are some Live Feeds services available to Web App Builder only?

Question asked by xilducex on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by dblanchardesri-ca-esridist

Hello everyone.  I was wondering if anyone knew if some of the Live Feeds services were only available using ESRI's web app builder?  The reason I ask is when I navigate to the following service,, I am prompted with the following: To acquire this token, go to and enter '' for the 'Webapp URL' parameter.  When I navigate to the link, all I get is a blank page.  I have a custom web application that is simply trying to get the service description in JSON format, but first generates a token using provided credentials.  My ArcGIS Online credentials allow me to connect to other protected services (e.g. Live Traffic) with no problem via my web app.  I can even add this service to a map in ArcGIS Online.  If I use a browser to generate the token, and plug in the generated token, I can get to the service description. When I try to connect using my custom web app, I get an 'invalid token' message back.


A workaround, although not viable, is to share the service via ArcGIS Online.  My web app then connects to the service with no problem. Any feedback you can provide is appreciated.