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Hi, I am trying to generate a raster with the raster calculat and getting error 000539

Question asked by asaf.shnel on Apr 21, 2016
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Hi everyone, my name is Asaf and I am doing a GIS course, I have been trying to generate some rasters using the raster calculator but I get this error message: "error 000539: error running expression: rcexec () < type 'exceptions runtime error' > error 000732: input raster: Dataset C:/ Users......"


first, I used the raster layer "nav_dem_10m"(its an elevation raster) from the gdb file we downloaded from the course as the input to create a slope and aspect rasters using the spatial analyst tool> surface>slope/aspect.

second, I used the new slope raster to generate a raster with slopes grater than 20 degrees, using the raster calculator.

that went fine. But when I try to make a new raster showing only the westerly aspect, by using the raster calculator, I get the above error.

Here is what I type in the calculator: ("Aspect_nav_d1" > 225) & ("Aspect_nav_d1" < 315).

I get this error for other rasters I try to create with the raster calculator, for example if I try to make a raster showing only elevations around 150 meters using the mentioned above elevation raster "nav_dem_10m"


Here is the URL for this map document, it is publicly shared.


Thanks in advance, Asaf