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Converting a point to screen geometry

Question asked by jestanford on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2016 by jestanford

Hi All,

Ultimately what I'm trying to do is convert a map point to a screen point so that I can offset it by a distance in screen units and then convert it back to map point so I can place it on the map.


I'm trying to do this using the toMapGeometry and toScreenGeometry methods in the screenUtils module but they don't work as I expect them to.


Taking the offset out of the equation for a minute, what's confusing is that if I take a map point and convert it to a screen point and then convert it back to a map point again the X and Y are not the same as the original point. Shouldn't they be the same? Am I using these methods incorrectly?


Here's my code (for whatever reason syntax highlighting is not working for me today...):


var screenGeo = screenUtils.toScreenGeometry(,,, evt.geometry);

var mapPointGeo = screenUtils.toMapGeometry(,,, screenGeo);




    type: "point"

    x: -88.18114353491255

    y: 41.7207439952267


    type: "point"

    x: 64564

    y: 33899


    type: "point"

    x: -83.94943230599165

    y: 98.94651940930635


I was expecting evt.geometry and mapPointGeo to be the same.


There are two other methods that are depreciated: toMapPoint and toScreenPoint. These do work as expected (once I do some geographic/web merc conversion).


Any ideas?