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How to change DEM and Imagery in a existing scene?

Question asked by MicahShane on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by MicahShane

-I want to replace the imagery A in my scene with a Imagery B.

-Imagery B is a smaller area so I am assuming I will need to change the DEM as well because of CE stretching imagery over DEM. (See Attached...the red box is the area of the Imagery B (new image))

-When i use the "browse" buttons under the terrain's Layer attributes for "Map" and "Texture" to replace Map/Texture A with Map/Texture B....the result is the new imagery being the same size as the old.  (B has the same extent as A even though I changed the DEM and Imagery to a smaller one).  And ,therefore, does not line up with my data.

How can I replace my DEM and Imagery AND extent?


I have a large mix of Rule based models from GIS data AND some manually placed static models from other software (these models dont have a spatial reference) I would like to be able to add the new Map/Texture without having to rebuild a whole new scene.