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Joining points to points on the same road

Question asked by Rach_237 on Apr 20, 2016
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I know there may be a really simple solution to this query but I have been looking for one for ages and have not been successful.


I have points that represent mammal sightings on roads, as well as points that represent traffic volume in the UK. I want to join the mammal points to the volume points so I know the traffic volume at each mammal point.

I have tried joining point to point, where the mammal points join to the closest volume point, which worked for some cases, but in most cases the mammal points joined to a volume point that was on a different road. I have also tried converting the volume points to a line but that doesn't seem to have worked either.


Does anyone know a way I can join 1 point to the 5 nearest points, or to join the mammal points to volume points that are on the same road as it? Thanks.