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Issue Importing a GeoEvent Definition from a Registered ArcGIS Server

Question asked by rjmarros on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by rjmarros

In ArcGIS GeoEvent Manager, after I have successfully registered my ArcGIS Server via AGOL, I am having an issue IMPORTING the GeoEvent Definition from my registered ArcGIS Server. In the Import window I am able to see the Registered ArcGIS Server, the Folder, and the Service, however, the Layer drop-down field doesn’t contain a layer for me to select. I have been successfully in getting this to work with GeoEvent Manager 10.2 but not currently with 10.3.   


The same issue occurs when I go to setup an Input, I am able to connect to my ArcGIS Server but the Layer drop-down field isn’t displaying a layer for me to select.  


Thanks,  Steven