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Reusing the Facade Wizard for existing rules

Question asked by tobias.cervenka on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by TFuchs-esristaff

Hello everybody


I'm using the facade wizard to create all my rule files because it's a fast and convenient way to create the building textures. By chance, I discovered that some buildings probably got an unsuitable "region width" or "region height". For example the windows look on one building compared to another rather big.


Is it possible to reopen the created rule file again in the facade wizard (after the facade wizard has been closed)? Because I need to adjust the region width or region height for some textures and when I do that directly in the rule file (in the editor), the relations get lost (the facade wizard calculated the width and height from all other tiles based on one region defined by me, when I change that directly in the rule file, I need to change the values of ALL tiles and not just by changing one width or height).


Thanks for your help.

Best regards, Tobias