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Legend Image for AGSWMSLayer

Question asked by lucianotoools on Apr 18, 2016

Hi to everyone and thanks in advance for your support.


I'm trying to retrieve legend info (basically URL of image/s) of one WMS Layer i'm working with. The thing is that in Android, the WMSLayer has one method called getLayers() that returns an array of WMSLayerInfo objects. Each of these objects has one method called getLegendURL that retrieves the info that i'm looking for.


In Objective-C iOS SDK i'm not able to see any equivalent method. To retrieve legend information working with other kind kind of layers (no WMS) i use MapServiceInfo delegate to call retrieveLegendInfo and the legend information is retrieved, but i'm not able to do this using WMS layers, so what's the way to retrieve legend information when working with WMS Layers?


Thanks in advance,