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Saving a toolbox from 10.4 to 10.3

Question asked by Hornbydd on Apr 19, 2016
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I want to confirm with the user community that I have found a bug or is it some behaviour I have misunderstood? I have upgraded to 10.4. I have a toolbox created in 10.4 with a single script tool. So I have wired up a python script and exposed it as a tool and everything runs fine. If I choose Save As and save the toolbox to 10.3 (or any other earlier version) it creates a toolbox but it does not show the script tool inside. According to Windows Explorer the tbx files are exactly the same size as shown below:


Is there a bug in 10.4 that is not allowing it to save backwardly? If so this is show stopper as no one can share anything!

Interestingly if the toolbox includes a model then I can view that in a earlier version but not a script tool.


The official help file page "Saving toolboxes to earlier versions" gives no indication that script tools are treated differently so this is why I wonder if it is bug?