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Can't I load images that are signed 16 bit?

Question asked by huffmanp on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by huffmanp

I have a set of old black and white airphotos that we scanned in house more than 16 years ago.  They are signed 16 bit Tiffs.  When I loaded them into SDE 9.3.1 to publish as an images service,  I had to convert them to 8 bit unsigned or they would just appear as all grey with one value in all the cells.  Well, now I am trying to load them into a raster dataset  on a SQL Server based 10.3.1 Enterprise Geodatabase, and I'm getting the same results.  But it seems like with 10.3.1 I am offered many more options on the kinds of images I can load.  Is it possible, if I find the correct options, to load this data, or will I have to convert them again to 8 bit unsigned?


A sample image is too big to attach here, but should show up here  in a few minutes.