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Arcpy and Relationship Classes

Question asked by bradleyglennjones on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by wwmiller68

Old Data:  A FC of building polygons with the name of a facility we inspect.  If the building had >1 facility per building (very common) only one was included.


New Data: FC of building polygons that contain facilities and a table (non-spatial) of facilities. There is a 1-M relationship class of buildings to facilities (M facilities to 1 building).  Facilities table contains all the information we have on the facility in our sql database.


We have a custom addin that included a facility search/zoom tool (by name) that searched the old--incomplete--data.  Our users would like a new tool for the new data.


The Problem:  Our users have no database connections.  They use .lyr files.  So if I create a geoprocessing tool or a Python Addin that querys the facilities table then related FC and zooms to the selected FC building they will need a database connection.  Or at least I think so.


Any ideas of how to do this without connecting them to the sde? Also on a python approach for selecting the related records?