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Why is my imported map showing up so small?

Question asked by alexmccomb on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

     I have .asc files that contains a map of a predicted species distribution I got from using MaxEnt.  When I import the file with the data frame properties set to North American Albers Equal Area the map shows up only about 60 meters across and 50 meters tall, when the coordinates are originally from Top: 76.06, Left: -163, Right: -102.16, Bottom: 27.10-it even says these coordinates in the Extent information in the Layer Properties.


      I converted the .asc to raster, reclassified the values (0 for absent, 1 for present), extracted the present values using the Extract by Attribute tool, then turned the present area into a polygon, all while changing the layers projections-yet still it remains small.  The ultimate reason for making the projection correct is to calculate the predicted area of the species.  The area calculated in the attribute table is also incorrect.  I provided screenshots below.


What could possibly be happening?  Thanks in advance.