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AGSPopupsContainerViewController adding a new features

Question asked by ozcandurak on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by ozcandurak

I m developing an application with ArcGIS SDK on iphone with Swift. Really appreciate you guys made almost everything easy for developers. I have 2 question if you can help with where i m really stuck at.



First question :


I m using your Offline Editing Feature Sample on github for swift.



I would like to add a button apart from (Done & Action) but couldn't achieve that yet with “AGSPopupsContainerViewController” class. With the new button i would like to show “Related Record”.



Or if there is a way to append the related record info under the same popup that would be better.




Second question :


When clicking on feature the callout popsup. I would like to display these . How can i call these within the callout.






Thank you so much in advance.