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Local Geodatabase editing with existing geodatabase

Question asked by tanerkoka on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by tanerkoka

Hi ,

I have current geodabase file (.geodatabese) which has point , poligon and polyline feature classes in it .I have also same feature servis from that geodatabase .When I clicking in generate button I want to download and edit only point features within in map extend and sync back to the service not  polygons and polyline features in my local geodatabase.I want to use these local polylines and polygons features for different functions in local (ex: realition , intersect, etc. ),but when I clicking in generate button downloads only that that map extent area and deletes all my local geodatabase and generate new . Is it possible to use my local geodatabase's poligon and polyine features without delete all when downloads only point features  in Qml Api .Is generate local geodatabase qml apı have update our own local geodatabses ability or not (when  generate local geodatabase generates always new geodatabase ) ?