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Utility and Telecom patches for 10.2.1 server: are they included in the 10.3.1 version?

Question asked by rickthiel on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by araibiastat

At my company we have a mix of 10.2.1 servers and 10.3.1 servers.  Recently I went through patched all of our old servers with the Utilities and Telecom Update 5 Patch . The date on the patch is FEB-2016.


My question is this... for my newer servers at 10.3.1, I assume that the fixes that are included in the update 5 patch are already included in the 10.3.1 software.  Is that a correct assumption? I got worried because I installed 10.3.1 back in 2015, before the #5 utility and telecom patch was available.