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How can I copy records into a currently published Survey?

Question asked by thomas.hamill on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by thomas.hamill

I'm trying to copy some existing survey records from a separate local geodatabase to a currently published survey on AGOL.  The schema is the same for both.  I've been trying to do this by opening the currently published survey on ArcGIS desktop (using the item.pitem in desktop) with 'Create Local Copy For Editing' and then 'Synchronize Local Edits With Server.'  I can copy and paste records in successfully, but when I synchronize local edits with the server, the records don't 'take.'  I'm not encountering an error message, the records just don't populate in AGOL.  Is there another way I should approach this?  Ideally, we want our client to be able to collect records primarily with Survey123 and be able to view and edit these records through ArcGIS Collector.