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Identifying Features that fall into an AOI then displaying them in a Report

Question asked by Aubin_1 on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by fallingdog

Hi There,


This is what I am trying to accomplish.


-Take a polygon (AOI)

-Run around 50 different features through a Model to see if any land inside the AOI

-Spit out a report which lists the different features by name and the area which lands inside the AOI


This is a process which needs be done many times and must be able to be done with a short turn around time, so it would be best to develop a model which could be run. I don't have a hard time getting the features which land inside the AOI (I simply use the clipping tool with an iterator in model builder) the challenge I'm having is to join all of these features together and create a report which lists all the different features names and areas.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!