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Things to consider before making a web map? And how to handle year by year maps?

Question asked by navjotkaur on Apr 12, 2016

Hello, I need to make web maps for my organization. Can somebody explain step by step process to publish web maps. I will be using out of the box technology. We have  web server for publishing layers then will use web app builder to design the app. I will greatly appreciate if i can get things to consider for designing and publishing web maps. It is combination of thematic maps in color classification and some dot maps. Should i use catching service to publish those? along with maps we want to publish some other facilities and resources locations and different boundaries to lay on thematic maps so need layer turn on and off functionality and also brief pop up may be with charts when you click on the thematic map features. And we will have same set (with may be some new maps every year) of maps every year how do i handle the time period factor?