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Extracting state-wise(polygons) data from netcdf files

Question asked by varsha25 on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by niitgisdelhi


I have a .nc4 file of leaf area index values for all the states (lower 48) in the US but I want to extract the data for each state individually. Each pixel in the .nc4 file has a time series dataset in it.

I first converted the netcdf file to a raster layer in ArcGIS and then used a state wise shapefile to clip the raster layer to the shape boundary. But the .lyr file created, does not have the time series data in it. Is there a way to extract these polygons from the raster layers and convert the state-wise polygons back to a netcdf format?

The reason why I need to convert it back to netcdf is because I am using Matlab (ncread command) to read the dataset, interpolate values and even for plotting.

Thanks for the help!