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How to Add A Layer?

Question asked by beric7 on Apr 9, 2016
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So I am in the process of making a map that has interactive capabilities and operates through a website. Right now I have the website, and the esri base map (open streets) is all that is on there. The website is essentially just the map. I am using the arcGIS javascript to upload the map and the coordinates and extents etc. A screen-shot is shown below. 


I need help with adding my layer to the map. The layer is compatible with arcGIS and esri, and I can add it the map editor, as you can see here... The rest endpoint data was obtained through a link.

->How do I add this layer to my web map? 


Thank you for taking time to read my query, and I appreciate any insight, help, instructions, or links that may help in my pursuit to make this work.


Bonus question:

*** I want the user to be able to filter the data, is there a way to make certain kind of buttons that have a predetermined filtering function, that would filter multiple things at once. Say we have a visitor, and they want to see only spots visitors could park, I want them to be able to press 1 button and have the map filter in a way that has been predetermined. So how can I get these filter options to show up on the map?