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DotNet proxy with/without ssl

Question asked by rhughes522 on Apr 10, 2016

Without a CA signed certificate, does the DotNet proxy work with OAuth from AGOL using the clientID and clientSecret?  As a GIS Applications Specialst (not in the IT Department) I am unable to use a CA signed certificate during development until I jump through all the hoops that IT puts in place.  Currently I am researching the azure cloud services to host WAB applications since that is what IT uses for our companies internal AD.  I have an app that needs to be available to subcontractors so that they can view photo attachments that are stored in AGOL. 


From the error messages produced by the proxy, the self-signed ssl certificate does not meet the validation requirements in place by the proxy.  Will the DotNet proxy work without ssl?  Should I use my username and password and have users login as me? 


Any advice on how to get rolling with my development while continuing to figure out the azure certificate situation would be greatly appreciated.  What if esri was able to create signed certificates as part of the EDN?