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Shifting point position by dragging

Question asked by RalphElsaesser on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by RalphElsaesser

Hi community,


I am new to ArcGIS Runtime SDK coming from ArcObjects. I am thinking of using the Runtime SDK for a simple map add-in to enrich an existing information system. I have an Oracle Database with locations and attributes (but no Oracle spatial or Geodatabase). I'd like to read the table and create markers on the map. The user then should be enabled to shift the markers to new locations and save the new coordinates back to the datatable. I know how to create the markers in a graphicsLayer and zoom to the locations. I know how to move a marker programmatically. I know how I can let the user select a marker. And I know how to write the coords back. But:

(1) I don't know whether the graphicsLayer is the best solution.

(2) I don't know how to give 'SHIFT POINT' functionality to the user.


Any help, code snippet or helpful link?


Thanks, Ralph