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Spatial join: Joining all attributes to a polygon layer IF they correspond with the highest value of one of the attributes

Question asked by JessLUC on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

Dear ArcGIS community,


I am trying to add attribute information of a soil type polygon layer to a biodiversity (output) polygon layer, where both polygon layers are different (and thus, there are different soil types in each biodiversity polygon). I only want to include the soil type that is most common in the biodiversity polygons (i.e. largest area) Thus, I thought, I would preform a Union, then calculate the area of each section and put this largest area and the soil type of this area in centroids. Then I wanted to perform a Spatial join of these centroids to the original biodiversity layer, but in a way that ONLY the soil types would be added if that soil type is most common based on the area I calculated before.


I have, however not found a way to do this (i.e. make the output soil type attribute dependent on if the corresponding area is larger than the other soil type areas within the biodiversity polygon).


What would be a way to approach this?


Thank you so much in advance, it really means a lot!