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Are Attachments working for you?

Question asked by K2engrs on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by bweller

I am using tablets and the field crews use PDF Forms as well to gather information. I cannot get SURVEY123 to attach any files whatsoever... besides photos. If I take a photo with the survey no problem. If I gather information and then try to add an attachment I cannot.

Are attachments currently supported? Did I miss something. Can you add an attachment to your survey? Any help would be appreciated.


More info: I can add an attachment to the desktop map that I had added for the survey data. When I go to add an attachment from my tablet all I get is a blank screen that says "Photos" on top with an arrow in the upper left that brings me back to my survey. Shouldn't the attachment button open up a dialog box to pick your file?  This scenario can be repeated on multiple tablets. Also, I created a survey that only contained one text note field and one image field. Same result as above.


This issues is the same on Samsung Tab2, Samsung Tab4, and Samsung Active phone.