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Discussion created by ldonahue on Nov 30, 2010
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ArcObjects 9.3.1 Java - Working with TextElements

I have code that generates TextElements for polygons (PolygonElements) in a map, and places them based on the polygon's labelpoint. 

Some polygons are horizontally next to one another and are coincident.  When I use the labelpoint for each polygon in placing the TextElement, some of the TextElements overlap each other.

Aside from getting the geometry of the current TextElement and comparing it to the previous TextElement to see if it crosses, then offsetting the current TextElement Y coordinate, is there an alternative?

I don't like using the label engine of the mxd because I don't need everything in the map labeled, on certain things, and at certain map scales, there are just too many labels if I use the mxd label engine.