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Labeling - is there a way to allow overlap?

Question asked by schlot on Apr 4, 2016

When you label using Desktop, you have all sorts of control about whether or not you want the labels to overlap, adding weights to features or other labels etc.  Why is there not a little bit more control over the labeling on the client side?  I have tried label layers and labelClass and defining scale dependent renderers of text symbols, but I'm never really satisfied.  I feel like I need to take a step backwards and dig out some old code I saved from previous API versions, before so many samples got dropped off.


I feel like most of the time there would be room for the text, but the labeling algorithm as determined there isn't enough room.  I'm constantly ending up with just one or two counties that have no labels.  And they aren't even the ones that I expect, they are counties with some size to them. 


I'm curious what preferred methods that people have for decent looking labels.  Here's my example.   We have a large number of counties for our size: 115.    Food Inspections in Missouri