Bug in Business Analyst 2015 Basemap Layer .. Workaround

Discussion created by joincto on Apr 4, 2016
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There is an error in the basemap layer of the 2015 data supplied by ESRI as part of the Business Analyst extension


To set the context. I have a map of Portland, Oregon. When I display the map at most scales, I see the Columbia and Willamette rivers, as I should. But when I display the map at a scale anywhere between 100K:1 and 150K:1 the rivers disappear -- the background symbology reverts to that of the land.


I investigated by looking at the basemap supplied with the 2015 data, and the corresponding layer file.

There are multiple group layers named Hydrology and within those groups a layer named Water Area. Those names are suffixed by a pair of numbers indicating the scale at which the layer displays. Eg Water Areas (150 - 100k). When I look at the data source for the Water Area layer at different scales I see the following:

Water Areas (350 - 150k)

     Feature Dataset: MapWaterArea

      Feature Class:     MapWaterArea_1


Water Areas (150 - 100k)

     Feature Dataset: MapOceanArea

     Feature Class:     MapOceanArea_1


Water Areas (100 - 50k)

      Feature Dataset: MapWaterArea

     Feature Class:    MapWaterArea


It seems clear that the 150-100k data is wrong. It is pointing at the Oceans data, not at the Water Area data. And indeed, when I correct the feature class of the 150-100k data to be MapWaterArea_1 I find that the Columbia and Willamette rivers display correctly.


I hope this may be of help to anyone else that runs into this problem (BTW: there could be other Hydrology layers at other scales that are incorrect. I did not exhaustively check them all. It was already a royal pain to correct all the maps I already had based on the incorrect basemap layer)


Rob Stevens