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Shortlist (1.4.8) story map questions...

Question asked by agebhart_johnsoncounty on Apr 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by agebhart_johnsoncounty

Can somebody please answer these questions or point me in the right direction to find them?  I am working on a shortlist story map v.1.4.8.


1) Is it possible to add a second custom logo (w/href) to the logoArea <div> or can the social div be modified to include two (stacked) links?

--I thought I could pull it off by adding a second logo div to logoArea but there is either more to it beyond index.html changes or I'm simply not doing it correctly.  Ideally the logos will be placed side-by-side, with some space between. 

--I was able to add a second link to the social div but it didn't leave any space between the two links.  Plus, I'd like to stack them if possible.


2) Does the story map popup (from the .csv) override any and all popups configured in the AGOL map?

--I want the user to not only get information via the popup derived from the .csv, but also from the AGOL popup.  My story map shows a five-year road plan and it might be nice for the user to be able to identify a feature from a year other than the active year, without having to search through each tab to cross-reference the intended feature.

-I set up a configurable popup for one of the layers (from a map service) in my AGOL map.  Said popup loads in AGOL but not in my story map.


3) Any tips or code for adding a basemap toggle, probably for custom basemaps, would be much appreciated.