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How to create a polygon based on points with the same attribute

Question asked by ben_vk on Mar 31, 2016
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I have a points feature class, and it consists of features that all have a unique name, but also a 'site name'. So dozens of points, can have identical site names.


I would like to create a polygon around each 'group' of points with the same attribute. For example, all points with the attribute 'Green', then all with attribute of 'Red', then all with attribute 'Orange'.


note these points can be co-mingled, so the polygons will be overlapping. The end goal is to create a data driven page set to print all 'like' points.


here is a very accurate and 'to scale' outline of what I want... I want the three polygons to be created automatically.


Is anyone able to tell me the steps I need to take to create these polygons automatically?


Nathan Duncan