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How to copy a shape in Collector app?

Question asked by lmedsker_PHSonline on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by lmedsker_PHSonline

Hi everyone,


I have a tiled service of parcels that I created in Desktop and uploaded to ArcGIS Online and am using in a Collector map. I have another layer of parcels that I am collecting data on on the field.  Sometimes I'd like to click on a parcel in the tiled basemap and add it to the other layer.  I was successful in doing this last year, but this year when I click on a parcel in the tiled basemap that I'd like to copy and click the 'square and arrow' icon next to 'details', the option to 'copy shape' is not there.  I made sure all layers were editable but no luck.  Any idea how to enable this 'copy shape' option?


Thank you!!