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Averaging a series of rasters for the zonal statistics as raster tool

Question asked by Ruth_Lowry on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

Before i begin, i have no experience in scripting and i have only created basic custom tools in ModelBuilder, so if there is a pre-existing tool or work-around for what i need, that's what i would prefer to find. Thanks.


I need to create a zonal statistics raster using a landcover shapefile and a few dozen rasters representing land surface temperature over a few months. Averaging the values by inputting several dozen rasters into raster calculator does not seem efficient. I cannot seem to find a tool which would create a single composite raster by averaging the values in multiple rasters. I know that batching can perform zonal statistics on a group of rasters, but I'm looking for a single output.


So i need either 1. a method of creating an averaged raster using all the sample datasets that i can then plug into                               the zonal stats as raster tool, or
                          2. a way of inputting many rasters into the zonal stats as raster tool to get straight to one composite                               output raster.


All help appreciated.