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Extent in downloaded tab story map app-limit and set

Question asked by jan.benson_noaa on Mar 30, 2016

Can the extent be limited by downloading the configurable app code from github?  I have read that you cannot limit the extent is a story telling map created through ArcGIS online.  However, I downloaded the code from here,, but it is not obvious to me where to change the extent.  If that is possible, a second question/problem is that my data goes across the 180 degree line.  I would like to limit the extent from 152, 50 (lower left) to -129, 75 (upper right). Are these coordinates respected?  Lastly, is there a way to make the same extent draw regardless of the size of the display? Currently I had set the display to draw Alaska, but when I maximize the screen it changes the display such that Canada and the lower 48 are displayed.  I want to focus on Alaska.