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What's wrong with the World Geocode Service through ArcGIS Online?

Question asked by kfe2 on Mar 30, 2016

Has anyone noticed a problem with the world geocode service through ArcGIS online? I believe there is a bug or logic problem. When I run it on a set of addresses the Matches on Admin Boundary are the results even when a better match option like Street Address or Point Match are available. I feel like all things being equal it goes alphabetical. I chewed through 100 credits trying to figure out the problem. I know that's only $1 but it's annoying. Also when I used to use the world geocoding service through Business Analyst you could set the percentage matches for each locator as part of the composite world geocode locator. Did that get moved or is it no longer an option?


I forgot to add that it's only a problem when you have your address split into different fields. When it is all in one field it works fine.