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How to add MapQuestOpen basemap to BasemapGallery

Question asked by joshua.rotteveel on Mar 29, 2016

Currently I have a BasemapGallery implemented in my js webapp, however I would like to be able to add the MapQuestOpen basemap to the Switch Basemap widget in addition to the basemaps that are offered by  Below is my code, I believe I need to do a basemapGallery.add.  Thanks in advance for any help out there.


var basemapGallery = new BasemapGallery({

          showArcGISBasemaps: true,

          map: map

        }, "basemapGallery");




        var mapquest = new Basemap({

          layers: [new BasemapLayer({

            copyright: ,

            type: ,

            url: "http://otile{s}{type}/{z}/{x}/{y}.{ext}"


          id: "MapQuestOpen",

          title: "MapQuestOpen",