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Enable Pop-ups for tiled layer

Question asked by kent327 on Mar 29, 2016

I created a tile package using ArcGIS desktop 10.3.1. I then uploaded that tile package to AGOL using the add item interface in My Content. This tiled layer works fine. I then created a hosted feature layer from the same dataset that I tiled. This layer also works fine. When I add my tiled layer to the map and open the enable pop-ups menu I select "Choose from my items" and select the hosted feature layer that I created I get the message "The layer referenced by MyHostedFeatureLayer is not available."


I have succesfully enabled pop-ups on tiled layers using URL's from ArcGIS server services. Is it possible to enable pop-ups on a tiled layer with a feature layer hosted on AGOL? I get the "The layer referenced by MyHostedFeatureLayer is not available," message from all items hosted on AGOL.


The two layers in question are: