Map Algebra: Assign raster format of temporary output?

Discussion created by lilanelkenrot on Nov 30, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2010 by rdebruyn-esristaff
Hi folks,
If a map algebra expression is executed within a python script, the standard temporary output is an ERSI Grid.
outSlope = Slope("indem.tif")         # temp. output as GRID"sloperaster.tif")   # transform to TIFF

This means, the input-TIFF is processed and given out as GRID. The save command then executes a transformation to TIFF.

Is there any way to assign a temporary raster format, so the save-command just executes a rename?
I did not find anything within the environmental settings. It's important, because I have to process files larger than 70GB and want to avoid every unneccesary step.

Appreciate every response!
Bye, lila

(ArcGIS Desktop 10, Python 2.6)